About Legacy House

Serving Estate Planning Clients throughout Houston, Texas and the Surrounding Areas

Legacy House Houston estate planning law firm office building
Our office at 802 W. Alabama became known as Legacy House.

Legacy House

Our legal team affectionately refers to our estate planning law firm building as Legacy House. We believe that it was built around 1914, although we did find some newspaper print dating back to 1910 during our initial renovation of the building.

Our lawyers and staff love how it feels to work here and the comfort it provides our clients. Our meetings take place in an environment that more resembles a living room than an office. It is here that we discuss matters that deeply affect our clients. Sometimes we tackle issues that clients have often thought about, but never expressed out loud such as caring for difficult elderly parent. Often, clients discover that there are solutions to problems they thought could never be resolved. Legacy House is a place where clients can feel safe and able to express their deepest wishes for the legacy they wish to leave or the legacy of a loved one they wish to preserve.

We welcome you to Legacy House.